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Head Office NICE Automatic Gate
Jl. Bandengan Utara
Kompleks Bandengan Indah Blok A 31-32   
Jakarta - Indonesia
Telp. (021) 6627526, 6627527
HP. 08121831578, 08129679108


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Era Touch
Era Touch

Touchscreen to control Nice automations and manage the NiceHome alarm system

The wireless Nice Era touchscreen can manage all home automations, thanks to remote control of:

  • a maximum of 99 single controls,
  • up to 10 groups of controls, to manage a number of automations of the same type simultaneously;
  • up to 10 single scenar ios, to manage different automations, including those associated with the al arm system.

By using Nice TT2L or TT2D miniaturised control units and/or universal receivers (es. SMX2R etc.) you can manage light, irrigation and heating (convector heaters, etc.).

Automations, groups and scenarios can be controlled in time bands thanks to the built-in weekly and hourly programmer.

Simple programming, configuration and control of the alarm system, with
intuitive graphic display, built-in vocal guide and bidirectional technology

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